With the promotion of the "The Belt and Road" initiative,The field of environmental protection has become a key area for enterprises to participate in the future。The development of biomass energy has also been strongly supported by the state,Facing the increasingly severe energy situation、Energy structure to be adjusted urgently,Biomass energy has great space for development,

Replacing fossil fuels to promote sustainable development of green industry.Look around the world,

The development and utilization of biomass energy has become an important strategy for all countries in the world to safeguard their own energy security.As of 2015,The total output of biomass briquette is about 30 million tons,Europe is the world's largest consumer of biomass briquette fuel,Among them  the Swedish biomass-forming fuel heating in the Nordic countries accounts for about 70% of the total heating energy consumption.Japan and Korea are important consumption areas for biomass briquette in Asia,Used for power generation and thermal power plants,The fuel comes mainly from Malaysia、 Thailand、Vietnam、Indonesia and China.Biomass power generation global biomass power generation installed capacity of about 100 million kilowatts,Of which 15.9 million kilowatts in the United States,Brazil 11 million kilowatts,Biomass cogeneration has become an important way of heating.Japan's waste incineration power generation accounts for more than 70% of the harmless disposal capacity of domestic waste.Biogas production of biomass gas is about 57 billion cubic meters,More than 20 billion cubic meters of biogas production in Germany.Swedish biogas meets 30% of the country's automotive gas demand.Bioliquid fuels consume up to 100 million tons of bio-liquids worldwide,Brazil sugarcane fuel ethanol and US corn fuel ethanol have been applied in large scale.

 China (Beijing) International Biomass energy Utilization and Technology Exhibition 2022,It will be held in Beijing National Convention Center on May 19-21,It will attract industry elites from all over the world to study and discuss the development of biomass energy industry,We look forward to using more promotional methods to serve our exhibitors and spectators,Continuous development of depth fields,With a professional perspective and sincere enthusiasm,To develop the exhibition into the most authoritative biomass energy exhibition in China and even Asia.

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Registration and Move-in:17-18 May 2022

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