Biomass collection and storage equipment:Biomass crusher、Slicer、Wood splitter、Straw pulverizer、Straw baling machine、Biomass baling machine、Hay cutter、Deforestation equipment for large forest trees、Biomass storage silo.

 Biomass power generation and supporting equipmentBiomass power generation pretreatment equipment(Comminution and drying)Biomass generator setBiomass gasification power generation system equipment、Straw power generation system、Waste power generation and biogas generator set、

Biomass material conveying equipment.All kinds of equipment for power generation system.

Biomass cogeneration and supporting equipment

Biomass cogeneration projectBiomass heating equipment、Matching equipment of cogeneration system.

Biomass solid particle fuel and molding equipment

Biomass particlesBriquetting fuel、Biochar、Biomass granulating equipment、Straw briquetting equipment、Complete production line of biomass compacted molding、Granule、Charter、Packing scale、Press roll die for granulator、Granulator special reducer.

Biomass (particle) boiler and gasification boiler

biomass boilerBurner、Biomass burner、Straw gasifier、Biomass heating equipment、Drying equipment、Particle gasification combustion boiler、Incineration boiler、Biomass direct combustion boiler、Straw gasifier、SN high efficiency biomass gasification plant、Coal / Gas / Electric / Hot water boiler 、Boiler flue gas purification equipment、Matching instrument、Instrument、 Valve、Control panel、Switch

Biomass stove cooker

Biomass heating stoves Biomass roasting stovesBiomass cooking stoves Biomass cauldrons Biomass fireplaces (Using molding pelletsBiomass carbonStrawSawdust and Other wastes).

Comprehensive utilization of straw

Straw fertilizationFeed Raw materials Substrate Straw returned to the field Cultivation of edible fungiStraw tableware Straw tilesStraw based panels Straw bricks.

Biogas technology and equipment

Biological starter Fermentation enzymeAnaerobic fermentor Biogas power generation equipmentBiogas technology Biogas digesterBiogas products (Biogas stove, Lamp, pipe).

Utilization of biomass liquid fuel

Fuel ethanol manufacturing equipment and technology Biodiesel Bio alcohol oil manufacturing equipment and technology.

Other technologies and equipment for biomass

Contract energy management Municipal waste landfill gasDomestic garbageKitchen wasteFarm waste Waste water residue from alcohol factory sugar factoryMunicipal sludge Crop straw and other organic waste biomass integrated treatment power generation systemPyrolysis liquefaction device EquipmentIndustrial waste gasWaste heat recovery and utilization

 Marine biomass energy utilization.

Waste heat utilization pot special exhibition area

Waste heat power generationSteam turbineWaste heat boiler Heat exchangerFlue gas waste heat recovery technology Heat pump waste heat recovery technology Gas engine heat pump waste heat recoveryAir conditioning waste heat recovery.

Other related supporting technology and equipment

Boiler inspection officeTestingEvaluationCertification bodiesMarine biomass energy.

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