The grand National Convention Center is located in the central area of the Beijing Olympic Park, close to the Bird's Nest, the Water Cube and the National Stadium, with a total land area of about 12.22 hectares and a total floor area of about 530,000 square meters. Among them, the conference and exhibition area is 270,000 square meters, the main building is 2 floors underground, 8 floors above the ground, 42 meters high, 398 meters long and 148 meters wide, which is the largest single building area in the whole Olympic construction project; the supporting facility construction area is about 260,000 square meters, including 2 hotels, 2 office buildings, commercial and other buildings.

The National Convention Center is the seat of the International Broadcasting Center (IBC), the Main Press Center (MPC), the Fencing Hall and the Media Hotel during the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. IBC and MPC provided services to 12,000 broadcasters and 6,512 registered journalists and photographers from 120 radio and television stations, fencing halls provided venues for fencing, wheelchair fencing and other events, and the National Convention Center Hotel hosted 1008 registered media from 87 domestic and foreign media during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Journalists and representatives of the Olympic Committee.

After the Olympic Games, the National Conference Center carried out partial renovation. It was opened in late 2009. As China's largest, newest, geographically advantageous and well-matched Convention center, the National Convention Center is committed to becoming a world-class large-scale convention and exhibition center capable of meeting the needs of large-scale conferences, exhibitions, various public activities and hotel rooms.

The National Convention Center is located in the North Fourth Ring of Beijing, the core of the Asian-Olympic business circle, 26 kilometers from the capital airport, only 30 minutes drive, traffic is extremely convenient. From the National Convention Center to Tiananmen, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs sightseeing or to the East Third Ring Business District, Beijing Station, Zhongguancun is also very fast. Metro Line 8, which connects the city center, railway station and airport, has stations in the National Convention Center, and more bus lines pass through the National Convention Center.

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