1, your company wishes to sign up for the exhibition. Please fill in the application form carefully and add the official seal to the organizing committee.

2. Transfer the exhibition fees to the Organizing Committee by wire within three days after the application for the booth. The exhibitors can not confirm the booth unless they receive the Booth Confirmation Form after the payment is received. Otherwise, the booth will not be retained! The organizing committee will make unified invoice when reporting.

3. The principle of booth allocation is "apply first, pay first, allocate first", and the organizing committee has the right to adjust some of the booths.

4. The booth shall not be transferred after confirmation, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to disqualify the exhibitors (the organizing committee has the right to reallocate).

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Registration and Move-in:17-18 May 2022

Exhibition::19-21 May 2022 

Move-out: afternoon, 21 May 2022

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