Respected visitors:

to ensure that you have a pleasant visit to the exhibition, the relevant information will be explained below, please read carefully in your busy schedule.

Spectator admission

1. The Fair is open to professionals. Visitors must enter the Fair with the tickets presented and mailed by the Organizing Committee.

2. Fill in the registration application in advance in the "Audience Pre-registration" column of the official website of the exposition, and go to the "Audience Registry" of the exhibition site to get the "Professional Audience Certificate" directly.

3, bring more than two business cards to the exhibition site "audience reporting office" directly for "professional audience documents";

4, fill in the form at the "audience check-in place" at the exhibition site for "professional audience documents".

5. Scanning the two-dimensional code of the public Wechat in the "Audience Newspaper" at the exhibition site in exchange for the "professional audience certificate".

Visiting requirements

1. Comply with the relevant safety management regulations formulated by the Convention and Exhibition Center and the Organizing Committee, obey the command of the security personnel on the spot and visit civilly.

2. Exhibition owners and contractors shall arrange safety inspection at the entrance to meet the needs of public safety. All personnel entering the exhibition hall shall cooperate with the safety inspection.

3, please keep your valuables on your own. Do not bring the admission hall with you. If you lose it, you will be responsible.

4. Visitors should not engage in any publicity activities in the exhibition area.

5. Visiting related activities and performances must obey the command and dispatch of the security personnel. No crowding or looting, no blocking of the entrance and exit of the exhibition hall, safe passage, fixed fire fighting facilities, etc.

6. Purchasing samples must be registered at the organizing committee. After verification, the product can go out.

7. During the exhibition period, no flame should be used in the exhibition area.

8. Please keep the exhibition hall clean and hygienic, prohibit smoking in the hall, prohibit spitting, littering peel, paper scraps and other waste.

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Registration and Move-in:17-18 May 2022

Exhibition::19-21 May 2022 

Move-out: afternoon, 21 May 2022

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Contact Person: Mr Yang Hu
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Copyright:The 13th China (Beijing) International Biomass energy Utilization and Technology Exhibition 2022