On the evening of June 25, the company announced a major breakthrough in the technology of direct liquefaction of biomass. The company commissioned the State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Complex Systems, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to carry out independent third-party repeated tests and evaluations, and recently obtained relevant experimental reports

After years of independent research and development, the company has recently developed a complete technical route for direct biomass liquefaction, and commissioned the State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Complex Systems, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to carry out independent third-party repeated tests and evaluations. Using straw raw materials, catalysts, biomass direct liquefaction process and technical equipment, the catalyst and process technology were experimentally verified and investigated, the whole process was supervised and participated in the operation, the gas, liquid, solid and other samples were detected, analyzed and processed, the oil yield and oil properties were obtained, and the detailed information was completed. Experimental report. The main conclusion of the experiment is that the technology of biomass direct liquefaction proposed by the company can not only reduce the processing cost, but also improve the quality of oil products and reduce the discharge of sewage due to the use of special catalysts and matched reaction atmosphere and reaction conditions. It is of great significance to promote the progress of biomass direct liquefaction technology.

The company's core technical breakthroughs in direct biomass liquefaction technology include (1) breakthroughs in the development and preparation of new nano-catalysts with high efficiency and low cost. (two) solving the problem of biomass deoxidation and generating large amount of organic wastewater. (three) using the suspended bed technology to solve the problem of engineering matching. At present, the company's biomass direct liquefaction technology is establishing a complete intellectual property protection system, has applied for a total of 80 patents, all of which are invention patents, follow-up patent applications are still in progress.

The company said that the breakthrough in this major technology fully reflects the company's independent research and development and sustained innovation capabilities, providing a strong technical support for the company's strategic transformation to green energy and chemicals. The company will rely on this technological innovation, in accordance with the following steps to focus on the implementation of industrialization (1) by the end of 2018, the establishment of domestic and foreign strategic partners to jointly promote the scale and industrialization of green energy and chemicals. (2) The construction of 3-5 sets of standardized industrial demonstration plants with a scale of 200-300,000 tons has been completed in three years, laying a foundation for the large-scale industrial layout in the future. (three) to achieve full industrialization in five years. According to the biomass resources and reasonable collection area size, a number of standardized distributed liquefaction plants were established to achieve a total capacity of not less than 5 million tons, initially forming a large-scale industrial layout upstream and downstream. If the above promotion plan can be achieved, it can bring sustained long-term operating income to the company and is expected to have a significant impact on the company's future performance growth.

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