According to a press conference on scientific and technological achievements held by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration recently, the State Forestry and Grassland Administration has stored more than 7,700 advanced and practical technological achievements in the past three years, released about 300 key popularization technological achievements, and will continue to increase scientific and technological achievements in key areas such as ecological construction, Industrial development and forestry poverty alleviation in the future. Extension.

The press conference highlighted the "forest on PM2.5 and other particulate matter control functions and technology research", "agricultural and forestry residues multi-way pyrolysis and gasification co-production of carbon materials key technologies", "high-performance wood (bamboo) material manufacturing technology", "non-aldehyde thermoplastic resin plywood manufacturing technology", "biomass gasification co-production technology" 5 technologies.

At the press conference, Ying Hao, a researcher at the Institute of Forestry and Chemical Industry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, said that China's biomass pyrolysis and gasification technology has made great progress after years of research and development, but there are bottlenecks in the process control technology, reactor structure and scale-up of pyrolysis and gasification, which restrict the biomass industry. Rapid growth. The project "Key Technologies of Multi-way Pyrolysis and Gasification of Agricultural and Forestry Residues for Cogeneration of Carbon Material" was completed by the research team of Academician Jiang Jianchun of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences. In view of the existing problems and shortcomings of the original technology, a new type of reactor and a complete set of technical equipment for pyrolysis and gasification were developed with emphasis to prepare Energy-based carbon materials and related products, and integrated the development of agricultural and forestry residues gasification, gas supply, power generation and heating series of technical equipment, to achieve efficient and comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry residues.

"Biomass gasification combined production technology" is the first creation in China. According to Professor Zhou Jianbin of Nanjing Forestry University, wood chips, fruit shells and straws can be processed by gasification and poly-generation technology, and three products can be obtained simultaneously: biomass combustible heat supply or power generation; biomass charcoal can be used to produce activated carbon, industrial carbon, mechanism carbon or carbon-based compound fertilizer according to different raw materials; The extract can produce liquid fertilizer. The development of biomass gasification and poly-generation technology is conducive to solving the problems of straw burning and clean heating. It is of strategic significance to new energy construction, fertilizer and pesticide reduction, soil improvement and restoration, and food safety in China. The technology has built more than 20 biomass gasification poly-generation projects at home and abroad, with a series of core achievements, and is generally in the leading level at home and abroad.

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