Triple Environmental Protection (300072) May 14 evening announcement, the company recently signed a "strategic cooperation agreement" with the Petrochemical Research Institute of China Petrochemical Company Limited, the two sides will carry out technology development, achievements transformation, scientific and Technological Advice and resource sharing cooperation.

The Academy of Petroleum Sciences is a comprehensive scientific and technological research and development institution of petroleum refining and petrochemical industry directly affiliated to Sinopec.

According to the agreement, CAS focuses on the strategic planning of the company and the scientific and technological needs of the development of its main business. The two sides adopt the methods of entrusted research and cooperative R&D to jointly solve the major and key technical problems related to the project and make use of the advantages of the company in terms of capital, market and engineering to serve the industry of CAS's scientific and technological innovation achievements. Chemicals (industrial demonstration and marketing) provide favorable conditions; consultation and suggestions are provided through the way of organizing expert exchanges from time to time. Provide suggestions for the company's major projects in the process of technology introduction evaluation.

Triple Environmental Protection said that the strategic cooperation will consolidate the company's technical reserves in the traditional refining business, is an effective complement to the company's existing catalyst and purifier technology, will further promote the company's rapid development in related business areas. At the same time, through this cooperation, the two sides will jointly solve the technical difficulties in the processing of biomass green oil products and the key technologies of high-efficiency reactor, and will rapidly promote the technical breakthroughs and tackle key problems in the direct liquefaction of biomass and the processing of biomass downstream products, so as to speed up the development and industrialization of the company's biomass green and clean energy technology. Felling.

Analysts believe that 2017 is the first year for the company to start the industrialization of "crop straw carbonization soil improvement technology" promotion, the promotion of this business has become an important driving force for the company's sustained growth in performance. In 2017, the company built 42 sets of biomass comprehensive utilization projects, and built 2 sets to achieve a revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan. Future Ltd will also increase R & D and investment in biomass clean energy.

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