The utilization of biomass resources has been widely recognized in the world. However, China is still facing the current situation of lack of technology and backward equipment. Jiang Jianchun, academician of the Institute of Forestry Chemical Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, pointed out at the high-end forum on biomass energy and green bio-manufacturing held a few days ago that in order to solve the above-mentioned problems and realize the high-efficiency utilization of biomass, it is necessary to carry out innovative research on basic scientific problems and carry out key technology and equipment. Key breakthroughs, and the establishment of long-term operation of engineering demonstration projects.

Basic science: innovative research

"China's comprehensive utilization of biomass is still lagging behind the international advanced level in terms of research depth, technology maturity, system integration and industrial scale, especially in the basic research of precision transformation technology. Academician Jiang Jianchun said that in order to improve the level of basic research, China should focus on the efficient and Value-added Utilization of biomass, carry out research on the basic theory of precise transformation technology, lay the theoretical foundation for the efficient and comprehensive utilization of biomass in the whole industrial chain, so as to enhance the ability and level of original research in this field and develop the industry. Exhibition provides motivation.

He also emphasized that the basic theory of degradation and transformation of lignocellulosic raw materials could be studied, and the methods of cellulose de-crystallization and continuous degradation could be established, and the theories of biological and chemical degradation and transformation of lignocellulosic raw materials could be precisely located. However, the key point was to improve the economy of degradation and transformation of lignocellulosic raw materials.

Key technology and equipment: key breakthrough

"In addition to basic research, China's value-added transformation of different types of biomass research is not systematic enough, high-value conversion technology is lacking, large-scale manufacturing and processing technology and equipment is still relatively backward." Academician Jiang Jianchun said.

He believes that in the research of key technologies, a series of advanced technologies, core technologies, common technologies and equipment should be developed around the key links in the process of biomass high-efficiency value-added transformation, and a biomass high-efficiency value-added transformation technology system should be constructed. "It can exert force in the key technologies of materials, comprehensive fuel refining, and aviation kerosene production from fibrous biomass." Academician Jiang Jianchun pointed out.

In the research field of key technologies of materials, we should pay attention to the key technologies of platform bio-refining, low-cost bio-based fine chemicals manufacturing, composite materials manufacturing and so on. The research emphasis of this kind of technology can focus on the realization of high-value products. As for the key technologies of comprehensive fuel refining, it is necessary to further study the key technologies of high-value utilization of biogas slurry, clean and efficient production of high-quality biofuels, briquette fuel and low-emission combustion to achieve clean fuel production. Academician Jiang Jianchun also emphasized the key technology of preparing aviation kerosene from fiber biomass. The key point of this technology is to break through carbonization and isomerization of sugar platform compounds, hydrogenation and deoxygenation of intermediates, as well as the development of industrial chain equipment for bio-aviation fuel preparation, and the construction of continuous pilot demonstration projects.

In addition, in the development of the above technology, we should also pay attention to the control research of key unit equipment and system, especially the intelligent control technology and modular system research of process control, process monitoring, automatic control and quality monitoring.

Engineering demonstration project: setting up benchmarking

In view of the low efficiency of biomass resources utilization industry, academician Jiang Jianchun believes that a demonstration project should be established with the utilization side reform as the core to form a comprehensive utilization development model and system solutions. The demonstration project should be set up according to the characteristics of different regions and raw materials to realize the resource utilization of raw materials.

In areas with abundant waste biomass, a demonstration project of co-production of heat and carbon can be constructed, in which waste biomass can be pyrolyzed and gasified to produce gas and heat/power generation; solid carbon-based fertilizers and high-adsorptive carbon materials produced by pyrolysis can be made into fertilizers, activated carbon, foamed carbon and other products to achieve high-value utilization.

Biomass flexible energy storage materials are also promising in recent years, because biomass can be used for flexible electrode, both flexible substrate materials and self-supporting carbon materials can be prepared. The biomass-based graphene-like materials obtained from wood, bamboo and other biomass by cellulose extraction and carbonization-catalytic graphitization process can be used for processing flexible batteries and capacitors.

In addition, academician Jiang Jianchun also believes that the establishment of wood-plastic composite materials, biomass solid molding technology, straw resource utilization technology and other demonstration projects are also an effective way to achieve multi-product co-production of biomass.

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